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*ends every piece of advice with “idk though” so that its not my fault if i ruin ur life*

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I hate when you get hit with those random feelings of panic and the nagging sense that something isnt right even though everything around you looks fine and you’re just standing there staring with your heart rate steadily increasing and your hands trembling and you’re so frustrated because you don’t know what’s wrong or what you’re so scared about and man I just really hate that

anxiety, man.

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True Blood Appreciation (Finale Spoilers)

I gotta say, throughout the whole of season 7 I was just waiting for the big thing that never REALLY happened :/ The cliffhangers weren’t cliffhangers anymore but I understand that it was just trying to be sad, everything is dying. Now I’ve always been team Eric when it came to who Sookie should be with and always hated Bill…but this season has actually changed that! I found my self beginning to like Bill and support him and Sookie! I dont understand where this hate for the finale has come from because, for me, it was absolutely brilliant! Im glad Sookie stayed true to herself and I genuinely thought there would be a plot twist before Bill’s true death (which I cried at! Like…what?!) Anotger opinion the funale changed for me was of Jessica. I fucking hate Jessica. I wanted Violet to kill her. But sasly thus did not happen :( In saying that, the finale made me happy for her and like her and when she was released, I felt for her! But my biggest character appreciation of the series goes out to none other than GINGER! I mean who knew there was some form of brains and a woman who didnt just scream underneath all that glamouring and horniness :P I gained so much respect for her in her back story buuut it all went out the window again when she jumped on that coffin :P All in all, she would win the award for most concered someone has made Eric whilst having sex.

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So much fun at my #FoamAndDiamonds Party with @MsBettyLove. Such a sweet girl & loyal fan. Happy we got to meet again in Ibiza. 🎶👯🎶 (at Amnesia - Ibiza)


So much fun at my #FoamAndDiamonds Party with @MsBettyLove. Such a sweet girl & loyal fan. Happy we got to meet again in Ibiza. 🎶👯🎶 (at Amnesia - Ibiza)

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 Feliz cumpleaños Alexander Skarsgård

 Feliz cumpleaños Alexander Skarsgård


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there will come a day when i stop reblogging this. today is not that day

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"And that was how I found out."


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when bae sets up a surprise date <3

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